It is not possible for the South African Pecan Nut Producers Association (SAPPA) to evaluate the quality of products and services provided by service providers that are associated members of SAPPA. It is the responsibility of the client to ensure that the product or service meets their requirements.

Agri Technovation


Kontakpersoon: Willem Eigenhuis

Kontakbesonderhede 021 3000 543

Sel 072 172 0306


Ambassador Foods - Specialised packaging and manufacturing

Contact Person: Daniel Jacobs

Phone / Cell: 031 750 1192

Email: daniel@nutco.co.za

Web: www.ambassadorfoods.co.za

Services: Specialised packaging and manufacturing

Calandria 216 - Pecan equipment and implements

Contact Person: Werner Hamman

Phone / Cell: 053 474 1222

Email: werner.hamman@calandria216.com

Web: calandria216.co.za

Services: Pecan equipment and implements

Mfangano Solutions - Agricultural equipment

Contact Person: James Kamau

Phone / Cell: 011 440 2072

Email: james@mfangano.co.za

Web: mfangano.co.za

Services: Agricultural equipment

Netafim - Irrigation products and services

Contact Person: Willem Botha

Phone / Cell: 021 987 0477

Email: willem.botha@netafim.co.za

Web: netafim.co.za

Services: Irrigation products and services

Opico - Agricultural equipment and implements

Contact Person: Carmelita Hartley

Email: cch@opico.com

Web: opico.com

Services: Agricultural equipment and implements

Rovic Leers - Pecan and other agricultural equipment and implements

Contact Person: Dewald van Dyk / Dewald Barnard

Phone / Cell: 021 907 1700 / 033 346 2727

Email: marketing@rovicleers.co.za

Web: rovicleers.co.za

Services: Pecan and other agricultural equipment and implements

Scanwood Solutions (Pty) Ltd - Agricultural equipment

Contact Person: James Pitout / Marion van Niekerk

Phone / Cell: 082 376 2582 / 012 803 0036

Email: info@scanwood.co.za

Web: scanwood.co.za

Services: Agricultural equipment

Sidi Parani Kunsmis - Fertilizer

Contact Person:Colette Horn / Chris Schmidt

Phone / Cell: 053 298 2817

Email: mailto:coletteh@sidip.co.za

Web: sidiparani.co.za

Services: Fertilizer