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Ambrosia Beetles

Polyphagous Shothole Beetle (PSHB)

Polyphagous Shothole Borer Symptoms

Use of Cultar
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May I use Cultar in my pecan nut orchard in South Africa?

Yes you may use Cultar but are cautioned to consider all the facts before you continue or start using it.


Cultar (Paclobutrazol) and some other brand names with the same active ingredient, are currently registered for use on pecan nut trees in South Africa. The product is widely used and has been for some time. The merits or demerits of the substance is not what is discussed here but rather the risks that are involved.

As part of risk managementthe pecan nut producer has to consider that the product is not registered in the USA. The reason for this is that it can be traced in the soil for several years after application and the USDA does not register such products. There could be a scenario where customers refuse to purchase pecans where Cultar has been applied or where traces can be found, leaving South African producers using Cultar, at risk of losing access to these markets.

MRL analysis and the means to test product for traces or residues of almost anything is real and this ability is only heightening.

SAPPA has an obligation to provide guidance and foresight to pecan nut producers to make informed and enlightened decisions timeously.

It needs to be understood is that it is ultimately the buyers who decide to buy or not to buy any product.

It is therefore recommended that producers should not start using Cultar and those that are using it should consider stopping the use thereof.

It remains the producer’s prerogative to use Cultar with acknowledgement of the risk.

Crop Protection
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Pecan Crop Protection

This document includes information regarding

  • Pest management
  • Most common pests
  • Beneficial insects
  • Disease management

Make use of AFCASA registered chemical advisors:

  • Only use registered chemical products, for insects and fungi
  • Make sure your spraying equipment can apply the products where needed
  • Insects and fungi are opportunistic and scouting orchards for potential problems are necessary
  • For a list of registered chemical products go to:
  • In any spay program active ingredients should be alternated, helps with resistance buildup

Water Requirements - Pecan Nuts
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Water requirements pecan nuts per production area, water rights and
legal requirements

This document includes information regarding

  • Water requirements of pecan nuts in South Africa
  • Water requirement in Texas
  • Water rights and legal requirements

Orchard Floor Management
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Orchard floor management and weed control

This document includes information regarding

  • Different ways of managing an orchard floor
  • Complete cultivation
  • Complete chemical control
  • Herbicide strip
  • Total cover crop
  • General considerations

Orchard Design
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Orchard design – Preparation for sunlight management

This document includes information regarding

  • Orchard Layout
  • Sunlight Management
  • Orchard design – General Considerations
  • Examples of tree spacing

Pekanneut vestiging
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Pekanneut Produksie - Belangrike Aspekte

Aspekte Van Belang Met Die Vestiging Van Pekanneute :

  • Klimaat
  • Grondtipe
  • Water
  • Boord ligging en topografie
  • Kultivar keuse

Pekanneut Produksie - Boorduitleg, Plantgatvoornereiding en Plant Metodes

  • Boord Uitleg
  • Plant Metodes By Pekanneute In Praktyk
  • Voorbereiding van Plantgate
  • Meganiese Slootgrawer
  • Voorbereiding van Plantgate
  • Die Plant Van Pekanneutbome

Pekanneut - Plantmateriaal


  • Voordele van Oopwortelbome
  • Klassifikasie van Oopwortelbome


  • Voordele van houerbome
  • Nadele van houerbome
  • Defekte by Plantmateriaal