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SAPPA has two categories of members

Primary members

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Primary Members include a natural person, juristic person or entity involved in the commercial production and sale of Pecan Nuts. Within this group there are those who are producing pecan nuts and therefor paying levies and those who have pecan nut trees that are not yet in production.

Associated Members

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Associated Members include Nurseries, Processors and other Service Providers to Primary Members.Ā  Scroll down for the contact details of current Associated members.

Application for Membership, Levies and Membership Fees

Producers who pays levies qualifies for membership and has to provide the information required in the ā€œRegistration for Membership Formā€ to be registered as a primary member. Such members do not pay entry or membership fees.

Producers who have pecan nut trees that are not yet in production can apply for membership by completing the ā€œApplication for Membership as Producer Formā€. They have to pay an entry fee and annual membership fee until they start paying levies.

Producers, nurseries, processors and other service providers can apply for membership asĀ  associated members by completing the “Application for membership as associated member” form.Ā  They pay an entry fee and annual membership fee.

Application for membership as Associated member- Service provider
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