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Water research

Quantifying water use of mature pecan orchards in selected irrigation areas of the Northern Cape – research report
NJ Taylor, JG Annandale, A Sanewe, W Rossouw, S Kunene, M Zwane, E Lötze, A Clulow & CS Everson

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Insect monitoring and bio-control development

Effect of broad-spectrum insecticide applications on insect
pest damage and nut mass of pecan

Carya illinoinensis (Juglandaceae), in the Vaalharts production region of South Africa”
in International Journal of Tropical Insect Science

Research Report 2017/2018
Insects associated with pecan trees, Carya illinoinensis: characterisation, impact and controlProject overview (1 October 2017 – 30 September 2018):
  1. Insect Field Guide
  2. Expanded surveys
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Pecan diseases

Pecan diseases and health risks in South Africa
A collaborative project, launched in 2017 between SAPPA and the University of the Free State (UFS) is focussing on the study and distribution of pecan diseases in South Africa:Part 1:
  • Pecan Scab
  • Black blotch and die-back
  • Alternaria black spot
  • White and brown rot
Part 2:
  • Black lesions on nuts (Chaetomium species)
  • Overall decline of pecan trees
  • Fungi associated with the shot hole borer
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PSHB Research

Polyphagous Shothole borer and fungus infesting Pecan trees

A collaborative research project between SAPPA and FABI started in 2018 investigating the PSHB on pecan nut orchards.

The project is on understanding the seasonal patterns as well as the rate of spread of the beetles, and also studying the long-term effects of the fungal infections caused by the PSHB