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Production Lines For Pecan

Production Guidelines for Pecan

This book replaces the second edition of 2008. All important aspects of commercial pecan production are provided such as production areas, climatic and soil requirements, propagation, crop-, disease and pest management, harvesting and post-harvest handling. Other interesting information includes description of the plant and cultivars as well as the health benefits and nutrient composition.

A5-format; 204 pages

R400 (incl. VAT & postage) – Contact us to order
Texas Pecan Handbook

Texas Pecan Handbook

The recently updated Texas Pecan Handbook covers all aspects of growing pecans, including selecting the site, choosing the right variety, planting, managing mature trees, and controlling diseases and insects. Also discussed are the financial aspects of growing pecans and the health benefits of pecans.  This manual is an ideal tutorial for beginning growers and useful reference for the experienced producer. The handbook also serves as the textbook for the annual 5-day Texas Pecan Shortcourse at Texas A & M University. (199 pp.). By: Larry A. Stein, Extension Horticulture Program

R1,000 (incl. VAT & postage) – Contact us to order
Southeastern Pecan Growers Handbook Ds

South Eastern Pecan Growers’ Handbook

This book was created with the goal of being a comprehensive reference text for pecan growers, scientists, and county agents. It addresses pecan culture and management in the southeastern United States. Chapters include: Pecan Physiology; Pecan Propagation; Establishing a Pecan Orchard; Pecan Cultivars; Training and Pruning of Pecan Trees; Cultural Management; Pecan Irrigation; Renovating Older Pecan Orchards; Storm Damage: Prevention and Recovery; Estimation of Pecan Tree Value; Insects and Mites Associated with Pecans; Pecan Diseases; Nutritional, Environmental, and Cultural Disorders of Pecan; Weed Control and Orchard Floor Management; Applying Pesticides; Harvesting, Handling, and Grading; and more. A production calendar is also included.

R1,000 (incl. VAT & postage) – Contact us to order
Insects Associated With Pecan Cultivation Fungal Diseases 1

Insects Associated with Pecan Cultivation South Africa

The guide provides a brief overview of the insect Life Cycle,  information on the identification, seasonal occurrence, damage and control  of the most prevalent species.  Information on the natural enemies associated with these insects is also provided, thereby aiding the farmer to recognise their presence in support of conservation of biological control; especially within a perennial crop environment.  Correct identification of the insects associated with pecan remains the backbone of any succesful control strategy, albeit humanly induced or naturally aided.  This clip file-type guide enables future additions/ updates to be made to the text and photos, as new research findings materialise within the industry.

R1,000 (incl. VAT & postage) – Contact us to order

Fungal Diseases associated with Pecans in South Africa

The guide provides a brief overview of the fungal Diseases associated with Pecans in South Africa.

R30.00 (incl. VAT & postage) Contact us to order
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