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SAPPA is a producer’s organisation that serves the interests of its members by creating an environment in which the role players in the pecan nut industry can obtain sustainable benefits.

One of SAPPA’s objectives is to supply information to the industry. This website is one of the channels used to reach this goal and also to create the opportunity to determine the need for additional information. You are kindly requested to make use of the “contact us” option for suggestions and questions.

The South African Pecan Nut Producers Association has been in existence since 1992 and serves everyone interested in the cultivation of pecan nuts.

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As the pecan nut industry developed the organisation grew and now represents a well-established industry.

With the growing need for research, information and technical assistance, it became necessary to apply for statutory levies. SAPPA is also involved in the gathering and distribution of information; importation of plant material; setting of export standards, registration of chemicals; and statistics regarding production and new plantings.

It also became necessary to change SAPPA from an association to a non-profit company and South African Pecan Nut Producers Association NPC was registered in February 2015.

To ensure country wide representation on the board South Africa has been divided into 9 regional areas with a director elected from each region. Directors are also elected for research, export standards and crop protection. The Annual General Meeting takes place on a rotation basis in the different regions.

SAPPA also supports various empowerment projects where pecan nut trees are planted at new farmers and technical advice given at farms where trees are already established.

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