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Yes, you may use Cultar but should consider all the facts before you continue or start using it. Visit this link and open the tab "Cultar" to read more:
Please visit the websites of processors and service providers for detail information regarding the pecan products they have available.
Visit the section for Service providers on the SAPPA website for relevant information
The list of nurseries registered with SAPPA are on the SAPPA website It is the responsibility of the client to ensure that the trees or service meets their requirements, to assist with this evaluation SAPPA has drawn up a Minimum standard for nursery trees All nurseries selling plant material should be registered with the Department of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries (DAFF) to obtain a nursery certificate and registration number. Please note the SAPPA disclaimer for nursery trees: It is not possible for the South African Pecan Nut Producers Association (SAPPA) to evaluate the quality of trees and services provided by nurseries that are associated members of SAPPA. It is the responsibility of the client to ensure that the trees or service meets their requirements.
Producers should contact processors and then agree on prices, payments as well as delivery arrangements.


There are some articles and photos on the website that will assist you to identify the presence of ambrosia beetles.
First step is to contact the technical personal of SAPPA: Hardus du Toit 083 465 6522 or email Ivan Schubach 078 643 3221 or email Second step is to confirm if it is in fact PSHB attacking the trees This proses is co-ordinated by the SAPPA technical personal. Samples will be taken and sent if to confirm the beetle species and fungal species present. The final report will be communicated to the producer Step three is to monitor the trees Although pecans are susceptible to the fungus carried by the PSHB they are not dying from the fungal infection. Pecan trees are not a breeding host for the PSHB


The SA Pecan have a circulation of  more than 850 and is distributed over the whole of South Africa. This magazine is circulated to all members of SAPPA and this includes producers, processors, nurseries and service providers to the Pecan nut industry

We encourage you to ask any question you have regarding pecan nut farming by using the “Contact Us” option. We will respond directly to you and may add the question and response to this page.

Indien u enige kommentaar oor vrae en/of antwoorde op die bladsy het, stuur dit asb aan ons deur die “Kontak Ons” opsie te gebruik.

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